Skin Nourishing Essential Oils

Summertime – can wreck havoc on your skin. But essential oils can nourish, replenish and restore your skin. Using natural products not only helps my skin feel great but makes me feel great!

What essential oils are skin nourishing or cicatrisant? Cicatrisant means cell-regenerative so it helps the skin and also is healing for scars.

Here is a beginning list: I love going through my oils and writing down their benefits – it helps me remember the oils and learn a little bit more about them.

Roman Chamomile – this essential oil can counteract inflammation and support the healing process of the skin. This oil is very helpful to irritated and annoyed skin. There are no known safety concerns with this oil.

Frankincense – anti-inflammatory and offers protection for the skin. I love using this as a hydrosol and spraying on my face or using a 1% dilution as a face-wash.

Geranium is invaluable for the skin. It can balance sebum production – add a drop to your shampoo – it seems to help whether you are too dry or too greasy. I personally love Rose Geranium – let me know if you love it too!

Of course, who could forget our luscious Lavender. Lavender is well known for its ability to heal the skin – name it – burns, sores, irritations, rashes, infections, acne – need I say more?

Myrrh –  This essential oil offers great skin protection and has wonderful regenerating benefits. I like adding Frankincense and Myrrh together in an organic lotion base – a bit more Frank than Myrrh – and use it on my face when I have been enjoying the outdoors a bit too much.

Palmarosa – is used for so many skin issues, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, skin infections. It is a wonderful oil that helps balance the sebum production and stimulates cell growth.  This is one essential oil that you don’t want to overdo when used topically – Tisserand suggests a maximum of 6.5% dermal application.

Patchouli is one more essential oil that is great in blends for skin issues like scars, eczema, dryness, inflammation, sores, and wounds. It helps to moisturize and cool the skin. Now that is a benefit – the heat index is off the charts!  Here is a bonus for you – it also is an insect repellent. The rain in North Carolina has really brought out the bugs this year. This is a great oil to add to your skin care and get a 2 for 1.

Vetiver – this oil is excellent for skin care for all types of skin. Eczema, acne and wounds may benefit from it’s healing properties.

During the summer, I love mixing my essential oil in organic lotion instead of jojoba or coconut oil  – it is light and cooling to the skin, AND absorbs quickly for sweet relief!

How are you using essential oils for taking care of your skin? I would love to hear your favorite recipe.

Stay safe this summer – play hard, stay cool, and dance like no one is watching! Peace – my friends!! How many of these essential oils do you keep on hand? Let me hear from you!


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