Scotch Pine – keep those resolutions

Lack of willpower has caused more failure than lack of intelligence or ability – Flower A. Newhouse

Can essential oil help us keep our resolutions?

How many of us made New Year resolutions? Are you still on track? We have high hopes in late December – this will be the year. Then oops – we lose steam and our willpower. Willpower is the control exerted to do something or not to do something.

We all have exerted our willpower:

  • doing homework versus being on Facebook
  • eating that salad even though we want French fries
  • being nice to that coworker when we really just want to make a snotty reply

If we are constantly tempted by things that use up our willpower it can zap our energy and like any muscle – fatigue can and often will set in. Willpower can be depleted. If you desire not to eat the doughnut, cakes, and cookies (name it) at the office (who brings doughnuts to work every week?)  – you may not have enough willpower reserve left – if you have already had to exert willpower to go to the gym or to be nice to that coworker that drives you crazy.

What to do:

I love incorporating essential oils in my everyday life. Scotch pine is often said to be the best essential oil to boost your willpower. Let’s take a look…..

Scotch Pine – Pinus sylvestris

  • Plant part used: Needles, Branches, Twigs
  • Botanical Family: Pinaceae
  • Steam Distilled
  • Top note

Aroma is warm, balsamic, and coniferous

Chemical Family is mostly Monoterpenes

Psychological properties: relieves anxiety and stress, uplifts, eases mental fatigue, and relieves mild depression.

Subtle Energy:  builds willpower – energizes and restores self-confidence

Safety: Check with patients who have asthma – essential oils that are high in pinene need to be evaluated –folks with COPD or asthma may not tolerate these oils.

Suggested shelf life: 1-2 years (to improve shelf life keep oils cold and dark)

The two main chemical constituents include: alpha and beta pinene.

  • Alpha-pinene has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal (candida), antispasmodic, and antiviral properties.
  • Beta -pinene has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antispasmodic properties.

Applications for Scotch Pine:

This essential oil is great for using when you have sinus issues and a cough. It is also useful to add to your blends for muscle aches and pains or arthritis pain. Scotch pine has antibacterial and antiviral properties – so it may be helpful when you are dealing with a cold, sinus issues or other respiratory ailments.

Here is a recipe using Scotch Pine:

I love adding Scotch Pine and Orange to castile soap – it smells so good. In a 4 ounce foaming bottle  try adding 4 ounces of water ( I always use distilled), 2 ounces of castile soap and then add 3-4 drops of Pine and 5-6 drops of orange. Mix it – Use it – Enjoy it!


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