Palmarosa:  Cymbopogon martini

An essential oil profile:  Palmarosa:  Cymbopogon martini

Palmarosa is one of my favorite essential oil. This oil has a sweet, floral and rosy aroma.

The chemical families in Palmarosa typically include: monoterpenols with some aldehydes and esters.

Monoterpenols in general have anti-infectious properties, immune support for the long haul, emotional balance, and skin healing.

Geraniol –this oil has about 70 – 80%

This component is one of the most effective oil constituents for controlling dust mites. This amount of geraniol supports the antifungal and antibacterial actions.

Plant Part: Grass

When we use oils that are distilled from grass – we know that grass helps prevent water loss and supports photosynthesis.  The oils can help us breathe when we are stressed or anxious. If we need a clear head – these oils help support us from overthinking.

Perennial grass that is steamed distilled.

Middle note.

Botanical family: Poaceae: generally this family is known to be good for the skin, aches and pains.

Shelf Life is about 4-5 years.

Therapeutic Benefits include:

  • Airborne antimicrobial
  • Antifungal
  • Antibacterial
  • Skin healing
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anxiety relieving
  • Cooling
  • Immunostimulant

Energetic and Emotional Properties include:

  • Stabilizes the heart and opens the breath
  • Calms the mind
  • Reduces anxiety and restlessness
  • Supports flexibility or adaptability
  • Calms jealous or possessive feelings

Safety: Non-toxic, non-irritating.  Tisserand recommends a maximum topical use of 6.5%


30 ml from Plant Therapy:



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Joni Reim and Ruah Bull in the book “Daily Aromatherapy”  – offers that Palmarosa is a wonderful oil for self-acceptance. The oil encourages you to be kind to yourself. It is also associated with the dragonfly. The dragonfly promotes self-acceptance and helps heal the heart and mind.

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