1. Are your oils organic?  All of my oils are pesticide free, wild crafted or organic.
2. How long will my essential oils last? That varies on how well you store them but overall citruses have the shortest shelf life.
3. How many drops are in an ml? This varies but in the USA – 20-25 drops are considered standard. There are many variables including the viscosity and temperature of the essential oil.
4. How do I store my essential oils? Essential oils prefer a dark, cool place away from children and pets! Essential oils like a temperature between 60-65 degrees. I keep mine in a separate refrigerator, I don’t like to put mine on store shelves so visit my online store – I pour the oils as I need them with intention and love.
5. How do I know I am purchasing a quality oil? You want to look for pure essential oil, it should smell like you think it should, trust your nose! Always buy oils in glass with orifice reducer with the common essential oil name, botanical name, country or origin, with safety instructions on the label. Ask the store or salesperson if you can have the Gas Chromatography report and if it is batch specific.

6.  What variables impact the quality of an oil?  There are many variables including rainfall, harvest, soil condition, planting, distillation – whew – this is why it  is good to know your aromatherapist!