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” Blending Bar”

Do you want to learn more about Aromatherapy and how to incorporate this healing modality into your daily life? Is there more information on the internet than you can sift through and you wonder what is accurate and true? Not sure where to turn for answers? There is a plan! Get together a small group of your family and friends, and let’s learn about Clinical Aromatherapy and create healthier alternatives for personal care and home cleaning products for you and your family.


Gather your friends and family, the goal would be to have 4-6 people at the party. Select a theme around health and wellness – issues such as Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety, Green Cleaning, and First Aid. This will ensure that I bring the oils and supplies we need to address those concerns. The party will last about 1.5 – 2 hours. The first portion of the event, I will teach about the Essential Oils that I have brought with me – I will talk about safety, dilution and the specific essential oils. I will also bring samples, recipes and supplies such as lotion, spray bottles, salt etc.


I would need to arrive about 30 minutes before the start of the party so I can set up.  I would need a clean table or counter, chairs for us to sit in – access to a sink. I bring what we need, you supply a snack. You and your friends can learn and create full size products and pay only for the supplies you use. Consider it your personal blending bar!


 I will have Essential Oils and additional supplies available for sale.  


Parties can be held on a variety of topics with  a variety of levels of expertise. Contact me for details, so we can customize your party for you!


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Looking forward to serving you by providing this service – Please let me know how I can help!